Formal Announcement of International Consultation on Central Area Planning and Core Zone Urban Design for Pingshan, Shenzhen

The International Consultation on Central Area Planning and Core Zone Urban Design for Pingshan, Shenzhen has formally launched. The purpose of this international consultation is to gather global insight and leading ideas, and to solicit design proposals that are both imaginative and viable. Now it is open for registration from renowned design institutions both domestically and internationally.

Located in the eastern part of Shenzhen, Pingshan serves as an important gateway for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to expand eastward, as well as a key node in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor.


Location Map of Pingshan


Pingshan consists of Central Area, Hi-Tech Zone, Bihu Area, and Maluanshan Ecological Area.


Spatial Pattern Map of Pingshan


The scope of this international consultation includes three levels: research, planning and overall urban design, and detailed core zone urban design.


Scope of research: The research will cover the entire Pingshan District with joint consideration of the coordinative relationships with surrounding areas, including Baolong sub-district of Longgang District, Dapeng New District, Yantian District, Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Huiyang District of Huizhou City.


Scope of planning and overall urban design: The project covers a total area of approximately 46.4 square kilometers, extending east to Lanjing Road, south to Nanping Expressway, west to Jinlong Avenue, and north to Songzikeng Reservoir.


Scope of detailed core zone urban design: The core zone covers an area of approximately 6 square kilometers, extending east to the west side of the Shenzhen Pingshan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, west to Shenshan Road and Dongzong Road, south to Jinniu Road and Pingshan Avenue, and north to Danzi West Road. The specific urban design will be focused on approximately 2.7 square kilometers in the eastern section of the core zone and approximately 1.6 square kilometers in the western section of the core zone.


Map of the Scope of Consultation

深圳是粤港澳大湾区的核心引擎之一,坪山作为深圳东部中心,承担着深圳先进制造业核心承载区、高新技术产业集聚区和未来产业试验区的战略使命,将加快打造辐射带动深圳都市圈及周边地区的区域性城市中心,建设 “创新坪山、未来之城”。

Shenzhen is one of the core engines of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. As the eastern center of Shenzhen, Pingshan bears the strategic mission of being a core supporting area of advanced manufacturing, a high-tech industry cluster, and a future industry experimental zone. It will accelerate the creation of the regional city center that influences and boosts the Shenzhen metropolitan area and surrounding areas, and the creation of “Innovative Pingshan, City of Future”.


The urban planning and design work in the Central Area of Pingshan should be scientifically carried out in accordance with ecological civilization thought and the concept of green development to promote the establishment of a future-oriented, clearly organized, and adaptable overall spatial framework, plan a spatial development blueprint that combines future feasibility with current reality, and formulate implementable systematic solutions.

4.1 规划及总体城市设计(46.4平方公里)

4.1 Planning and Overall Urban Design (46.4square kilometers)

4.1.1 规划研究
4.1.1  Planning Studies 

1)Regional synergistic development strategy 


2)Optimization and enhancement of the planning 

3)Planning implementation strategy 
4.1.2 总体城市设计

4.1.2 Overall Urban Design 


1)Spatial order framework 


2)Overall spatial layout 


3)Characteristic space creation 


4)Study of the supporting systems

4.2 核心区详细城市设计

4.2 Detailed Core Zone Urban Design

4.2.1 核心区(6平方公里)

4.2.1 Core Zone (6 square kilometers)


1)Urban design conception 


2)Overall landscape design 

3)Integrated design guidelines 
4.2.2 核心区东片区(2.7平方公里)

4.2.2 Eastern Section of the Core Zone (2.7 square kilometers)


1)Overall conceptual scheme design 


2)Optimization design along the Middle Section of Pingshan Avenue
3)Business district planning and vitality creation
4.2.3 核心区西片区(1.6平方公里)

4.2.3 Western Section of the Core Zone (1.6 square kilometers)


1)Hub and Gateway Design

2)Comprehensive traffic organization
3)Business layout and spatial form
5.1 本次国际咨询采用全球公开报名的方式,不设资质要求。参赛单位须是国内外注册的独立法人或合伙制企业或其他组织。相互间有直接控股关系、管理关系或法定代表人为同一人的不同法人,不得同时报名参赛。母公司和其下属子公司不可以同时参赛。同一个母公司下属的不同子公司,在满足各自是独立法人,且子公司之间不存在控股或管理关系的条件下,各子公司即可同时报名参赛。
5.1 The registration is open to worldwide candidates with no requirements on qualification. Interested participants must be independent legal entities or partnerships or other organizations registered in or outside China. Different legal persons that have direct controlling relationship or administrative relationship or whose legal representatives are identical shall not register for the consultation at the same time. Parent company and its subsidiaries shall not register for the consultation at the same time, but different subsidiaries of the same parent company can register for the consultation simultaneously if they are independent legal entities and do not have a controlling or administrative relationship.

5.2 允许参赛单位以联合体形式报名参赛,联合体成员不超过三家。以联合体参赛的,联合体各成员不得再单独或以其他名义与其他参赛单位组成联合体参与报名,联合体各成员需签署具有法律效力的《联合体协议书》,并明确牵头单位、各方工作分工等。

5.2 Registration by a consortium comprising no more than three members is allowed. In that case, no member of a consortium shall be allowed to sign up twice either independently or by joining another consortium. All members of the consortium shall sign a legally-binding Consortium Agreement, and the leading member and work division among parties shall be specified.

5.3 不接受个人或个人组合的报名。

5.3 No registration shall be accepted in individual or in combination of individuals.

5.4 熟悉中国国情并具有以下类似设计经验的团队将优先考虑:

5.4 The participating team familiar with China’s national conditions and has the following similar design experience will be given priority:


1) Having experience in urban design projects in urban central areas similar to the positioning and development goals of Shenzhen East Central Area;


2) Having experience in urban design projects in complex large urban hub areas and world-class business districts;


3) Having experience in urban planning and design projects with integration of ecology, production, and life;

4) Having experience in implementing detailed urban design projects throughout the whole process in key areas.

5.5 参与本次国际咨询的设计人员须为其所属单位的在册人员,项目负责人和主创须由主持过5.4所述类似项目的负责人担任,且必须直接参与本次国际咨询的全过程。为确保准确理解本次国际咨询背景和相关要求,团队中应至少有一名通晓汉语的人士。

5.5 Persons participating in this international consultation must be the ones enrolled in their organizations. The project leader and the chief must be assumed by the person(s) who has/have presided over the similar projects as described in 5.4, and must participate in the whole process of design. In order to ensure that the team members have an accurate understanding of the relevant background and requirements, there should be at least one person in the team who is proficient in Chinese.


The international consultation is divided into three working stages: “registration and pre-qualification”, “scheme design” and “outcome review”.

6.1 报名及资格预审阶段:由主、承办方组建资格预审委员会,综合考虑公司资信、公司相关业绩、团队实力等,评选出6家入围单位(无排序),及2家备选单位(有排序)进入方案设计阶段。

6.1 Registration and pre-qualification stage: A Pre-qualification Review Jury shall be established by the sponsor and the undertaker to comprehensively consider the corporate creditability, corporate performance, team competence, and select 6 shortlisted teams (without ranking) and 2 alternative teams (with ranking) to enter the scheme design stage.

6.2 方案设计阶段:6家入围单位按照国际咨询设计任务书要求完成方案设计,并将完整成果提交给主、承办方。

6.2 Scheme design stage: The 6 shortlisted teams complete the scheme design in accordance with the requirements of the International Consultation Design Brief and submit the complete achievements to the sponsor and the undertaker.

6.3 成果评审阶段:由主、承办方组建成果评审委员会,在6家入围单位中选出前三家单位(无排序)推荐给主、承办方。主、承办方在充分尊重专家评审意见的基础上,研究确定前三家单位的排名,分别授予6家入围单位相应额度奖金。

6.3 Outcome review stage: An Outcome Review Jury shall be established to select the top 3 of the 6 shortlisted teams and recommend them to the sponsor and the undertaker. On the basis of fully respecting the expert review opinions, the sponsor and the undertaker shall determine the ranking of the top 3 winners, and grant awards of corresponding amounts to 6 shortlisted teams.


Notes: The above agenda is subject to Beijing Time and the sponsor and the undertaker reserve the right to adjust the schedule as appropriate.


Relevant awards for the International Consultation shall be paid in CNY as a tax-included amount. Any taxes arising therefrom shall be at the payee’s expense.


Winning prize (one winner): ¥4,500,000.00;


Preferred prizes (two winners): ¥3,500,000.00 each;


Finalist prizes (three winners): ¥2,000,000.00 each.


After the outcome review of the international consultation, the six shortlisted teams will be required to cooperate with the results integration team (commissioned separately by the sponsor and undertaker) to complete the technical integration work.


Intended participants must fill in the Registration Form and the Commitment Letter for Confidentiality and submit them to the mailbox (SZPS-PD@www.szrjrx.com) to obtain the International Consultation Documents (including Work Rules, Design Brier Outline, etc.). The participants in the pre-qualification application documents submitted shall be the same as those in the Registration Form. For any newly added participant, an additional Commitment Letter for Confidentiality shall be submitted. (Click link at the end or scan the QR code below to download the Registration Form and the Commitment Letter for Confidentiality.)
10.1 须于北京时间2023年9月4日15:00前,将完整的资格预审申请文件提交(现场或邮寄)至深圳市福田区新天世纪商务中心B座12楼1212,联系人:李女士,(+86)13632658134。
10.1 The complete pre-qualification application documents shall be submitted (on site or by mail) to NO.1212, 12F, Block B, Xintian Century Business Center, Futian District, Shenzhen (contact person: Ms. Li at (+86)13632658134) before 15:00, September 4th, 2023 (UTC+8).

10.2 填写《(现场递交文件)授权委托书》(格式参考工作规则附件),授权委托代理人需携带本授权委托书、身份证原件提交资格预审申请文件。以邮寄方式的可不提供《(现场递交文件)授权委托书》。

10.2 Fill in the Letter of Attorney (for on-site submission) (Refer to the Appendix in Work Rules for formats). The authorized agent shall bring this Letter of Attorney and ID card to finish an on-site submission of the pre-qualification application documents. The Letter of Attorney for mail submission will not be required.

10.3 以指定地点现场收到的纸质文件为准,不接受逾期提交的申请文件。

10.3 The hard copy documents received on-site at the designated location shall prevail, and no overdue submitted application documents shall be accepted.


After the International Consultation outcome review, the sponsor and undertaker will initiate the work related to the design of the six deepening development areas to facilitate the implementation of the International Consultation outcomes.


The method for selecting firms for the design of the deepening development area, design fees, and other details will be governed by the subsequent detailed guidelines provided by the sponsor and undertaker. The design scope will be defined by the subsequent deepening phase design brief.


Commercial part: Ms. Li, (+86)13632658134


Technical part: Ms. Sun, (+86) 13922819760


(UTC+8, 9:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 18:00, Business day)


The sponsor and the undertaker reserve the ultimate right to interpret the rules of this International Consultation. If the Chinese and English editions disagree, the Chinese edition shall prevail.