正式公告 | 深圳“山海连城”系列——前海石公园(大铲湾段)方案设计及可行性研究报告编制

Announcement | Shenzhen Mountain-sea Vistas Design Proposal and Feasibility Study Report Preparation for Qianhai Stone Park (Dachan Bay section)


Project Location

Qianhai Stone Park (Dachan Bay Section) is located in the core area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area – Dachan Bay Area of Qianhai Cooperation Zone, which is an important part of the spatial structure of Qianhai “one bay, two belts, five area and five green corridors”, and is in the visual center of Qianhai Bay. The project site is adjacent to Shenzhen “Internet +” Future Science and Technology City (hereinafter referred to as Future Science and Technology City) under construction, starting from Weiyi Road in the north and ending at Weixi Road in the south, with the seashore on the east side, adjacent to Jing’er Road on the west side.

项目总区位图Location Map
Project Scope
The land scope of the Qianhai Stone Park (Dachan Bay section) includes three units of the DY-02  in Shenzhen’s ‘Internet +’ Future Science and Technology City, with a total land area of approximately 186,001 m²: DY02-01-01 (G1 Parkland) with a land area of 146,828.47 m², DY02-01-02 (E1 Water Area) with a land area of 6,793.49 m², DY02-02-01 (G1 Parkland) with a land area of 32,379.35 m². The design scope is limited to the area within the 2022 coastline, primarily focusing on the design of the two park green spaces, DY02-01-01 and DY02-02-01, without any construction activities in the sea. (The final figures are subject to approval by the competent authority.) 
Project scope (the base map is the land use planning map of Shenzhen’s ‘Internet +’ Future Science and Technology City Control Detailed Planning)


Site Existence

The existing conditions within the design scope consist of a regularly shaped open area with relatively flat terrain. The eastern and southern boundaries of the site are adjacent to the sea. The eastern boundary features a coastal shoreline with a mangrove belt primarily composed of Rhizophora stylosa. The southern boundary is defined by Weiliu Road and is in close proximity to the sea. The western faces Jing’er Road and the ongoing construction of Future Science and Technology City projects 04 and 05 blocks. The northern boundary is characterized by existing green spaces.

场地现状图 Site Existence
场地现状航拍视频Site Existence Aerial Video
Project Positioning
前海公园群是深圳“山海连城” 中“一带”(滨海蓝带)的重要组成部分,是实现公园与城市深度融合发展、连通环前海湾慢行空间的重要区域。前海石公园(大铲湾段)是前海公园群中湾区滨海岸线及天际线的视觉核心。
The Qianhai Park Cluster is an important component of Shenzhen’s “Mountains and Seas Connecting the City” initiative, specifically part of the “one belt” (Coastal blue landscape belt). It plays a crucial role in achieving deep integration between the park and the city, connecting the slow urban spaces around Qianhai Bay. The Qianhai Stone Park (Dachan Bay section) serves as the visual centerpiece of the coastal skyline in the Qianhai Park Cluster, particularly in the bay area.
Location map of this project within the spatial layout of Shenzhen’s ‘ Mountains and Seas Connecting the City ‘ plan.


The Qianhai Stone Park (Dachan Bay Section) will leverage the industrial characteristics of the Future Science and Technology City to create a differentiated construction of comprehensive parks integrating culture, leisure, and ecology. It aims to establish a dynamic coastal space for technological innovation and vitality.

Overall design objectives

Implementing the Qianhai Stone Park “One Ring and Five Corridors” planning structure aims to create a comprehensive public space system with elements of “mountain, sea, forest, city, island, and harbor” integrated. Combining the urban development needs and leisure lifestyles of the residents in this area, the project’s spatial structure, planning layout, and spatial volume are studied with an international and forward-looking development perspective. It considers the overall planning of the surrounding development zones to create a unique urban water system and green open space. This will create a vibrant waterfront city integrating ecology, landscape, culture, art, and technology.

Construction Contents


The main construction contents include park landscaping, park greening, pedestrian overpass with landscape features, supporting building construction, special projects (mangrove ecological restoration), park supporting water and electricity, and intelligent engineering.


Tender controlling price


The tender controlling price of this project is set at ¥7,024,500.00.


Work content


The work after awarding includes: pre-conceptual design and main design coordination work, feasibility study report preparation, conceptual design, post-service, coordinated integration, relevant special consulting co-ordination, and post-assessment of the project, ect.


Method of Tender


The project adopts an “open bidding” procedure, divided into the Pre-qualification, bidding, and final evaluation stages. Please refer to the Pre-qualification documents for details.


1) The applicant must be an independent legal entity or organization registered within the territory of the People’s Republic of China or abroad.


1)Consortium bidding is not accepted for this project.


3)There are no qualification requirements for the project manager.

1) Payment of compensation for bid loss and related fees
The compensation for this tender shall be paid in RMB, including tax. The applicants shall provide the payment request information as required by the tenderee. And the compensation shall be paid by the tenderee.
The applicants must complete the formal bidding process of the project in accordance with the requirements of the tender document and pass the review of the bid review committee before receiving the compensation; otherwise, compensation will not be given. The tenderee has the right to re-bid according to the project’s situation, and all applicants can participate in the tender again. The intellectual property rights of the compensated programs shall be enjoyed by the tenderee except for the right of authorisation, and the tenderee shall have the right to use them for reference in the program implementation without compensation.


The pre-qualification documents can be downloaded from the “Shenzhen Public Resource Trading Center”.

最终信息以“深圳公共资源交易中心” 发布的招标公告/招标文件为准。

The pre-qualification documents can be downloaded from the “Shenzhen Public Resource Trading Center”.


To view the announcement and download the pre-qualification documents




Shenzhen Qianhai Construction & Investment Holdings Group Co., Ltd

Consultant and Agency:

RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co.Ltd., Shenzhen

Tendering Enquiry:

Mr Chen (Technical), Tel. +86-13590282124
Ms Li (Business), Tel. +86-13632658134

(北京时间周一至周五 9:00—12:00,14:00—18:00)

(UTC+8 9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00 Business day)


The tenderee has the right to interpretation of the pre-qualification document, tender documents and relevant attachments. The interpretation in Chinese shall prevail.


All notices, letters and deliverables related to this activity shall be in Chinese. The design team of the bidder shall have at least one designer who is proficient in Chinese.


Please pay close attention to the Shenzhen Public Resource Trading Center for excellent design institutions both domestically and internationally who are interested in participating in the bidding process in order to obtain relevant information about this project.