公告 | 桂湾四单元九年一贯制学校项目全过程设计

项目概况 / Project Profile


Qianhai lies in the west of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, sitting on the east bank of the Pearl River Estuary and neighboring Hong Kong. It is planned as a demonstrative zone for in-depth cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and a new urban center of Shenzhen.  


The project is located in Plot 04-03, the 4th Unit of the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Services Industry Cooperation Zone, with Guiwan 2nd Road to the south and 11th Road to the east. The site area is 37,141.26㎡, including 3,353.58㎡ green space in the north. 

图1 项目区位图 | Fig 1 Project Location


项目定位 / Project Positioning


The project is planned as an ecological, green, smart and intelligent school that is on par with first-class schools in China and can reflect the latest learning philosophy and the best construction techniques.
招标范围 / Bidding Scope

The project is planned on a 37,141.26㎡ site with a gross floor area of about 95,000㎡, of which 62,000㎡ is FAR-counted and 33,000㎡ non-FAR-counted.


The project is a 9-year public school with teaching and supporting spaces, offices, consumer service spaces, and underground parking.


A planned bus terminal of 1,800 square meter located at the site , should be considered in the site planning.

A general design contractor will be engaged to provide the whole-process design for the project, i.e., engineering design and specialized design for the main buildings within the site, from SD (including costestimation), DD (including budgetary estimation), CD design, and construction administration until the completion and acceptance of the project.


The project involves five stages, specifically:

1.Prequalification (the conceptual proposal required at this stage must meet the following requirements):

1) 概念提案成果是对项目的关键问题进行分析,并提出解决思路,包括但不限于以下内容:

1) The conceptual proposal shall analyze the key issues of the Project and provide thoughts on solutions, including but not limited to:

a) 能够表达城市关系及场地内建筑整体关系的总平面图或鸟瞰图;

a) A master plan or bird’s eye view that expresses the urban context and the relationship between buildings in the project;

b) 对场地竖向的分析;
b) Vertical analysis of the site;
c) 交通分析,包括公交首末站;
c) Traffic analysis, including the bus terminal; 
d) 针对教学空间的思考;
d) Ideas about the teaching spaces;
e) 简要阐述在本项目中的工作模式及方法;
e) A brief description of the work plan and methodology;
Corresponding conceptual sketches and schematic diagrams regarding the above components are also required.
2) 概念提案成果文本提交形式:
2) Submission format
Provide 1 original conceptual proposal and 7 duplicates, all in A3 size and image-text mixed layout with a table of contents. Each set shall include no more than 5 double-sided pieces of paper, or specifically, 10 sides (excluding the front cover, backcover and the table of contents page). Provide 1 piece of A0 display board invertical layout. Printing and binding without hardcover are preferred for environmental considerations. 
2.Conceptual Design Bidding (the work contents include but are not limited to architecture, landscape and interior concepts. See the Prequalification Documents for details)
3.Conceptual Design Refinement by Top Three Bidders (the need for revision from the top three proposers is subject to the actual circumstance and a separate design brief)

4.Whole-process design after winning the bid (see the Prequalification Documents for details)

5. 施工配合阶段(详见《资格预审文件》)。

5. Construction administration (see the Prequalification Documents for details)


招标规则 / Bidding Rules


Stage 1 – Registration and Prequalification

1. 投标方式及报名条件
1) 本次招标采用公开报名的方式,投标人需具备行政主管部门颁发的建筑行业(建筑工程)专业设计甲级及以上资质,或工程设计综合资质甲级资质;投标人须是中华人民共和国境内、外注册的企业。
The bidding is open for registration. The bidders shall be companies registered either in the People’s Republic of China or other countries, with Class A or higher qualification certificate for the specialized design in the building industry (construction engineering), or with Class A qualification certificate for comprehensive engineering design issued by the competent administrative department.
2) 本项目接受联合体报名,联合体投标单位家数不超过2家,联合体牵头单位无资质要求。

Registration in the form of design consortium is acceptable. Each consortium shall have no more than two members. There is no qualification requirements for the leading party of a consortium.

3) 参与本次投标活动的设计人员应为该投标人的在册人员,主创设计师须直接参与设计全过程。为了保证项目设计人员对中国地区背景和相关要求的准确理解,项目设计人员中应至少有一名通晓汉语的人士。

All proposed design personnel for this bidding shall be on the payroll of the bidder, and the chief architect must direct the whole design process personally. At least one member of the design team shall be proficient in Chinese to ensure accurate understanding of the local context and requirements in China.

4) 在招投标活动中因串通投标被暂停投标资格期间或涉嫌串通投标并正在接受主管部门调查的投标申请人不被接受。
Applicants temporarily disqualified from bidding due to a collusive bid, or under investigation by the competent authority due to a suspected collusive bid, will be rejected from the bidding.
5) 投标人根据资格预审要求提供资格预审申请文件。

Bidders shall submit Application Documents for Prequalification as required.

2. 资格预审
The Employer will establish a Prequalification Panel as required by law. The Prequalification Panel will evaluate the bidders’ Application Documents for Prequalification including qualification certificates, portfolio and proposed design team (see Part I – 6.1 “Composition of Application Documents for Prequalification” of the Prequalification Documents for details), and shortlist 5 bidders to enter the conceptual design bidding stage. The panel will also select two alternative bidders, which are duly ranked for possible substitution,in case any of the 5 shortlisted bidders withdraws from a subsequent stage.
3. 通过资格预审的5家入围投标人应按时提交《投标确认函》。

3. The 5 shortlisted bidders shall submit the Confirmation of Participation on time.

4. 若递交《投标确认函》的投标人因非不可抗力因素中途退出或最终放弃投标,招标人有权在今后拒绝该投标人参加招标人其他任何建设项目的投标。
4. If any bidder who has submitted the Confirmation of Participation withdraws halfway from or eventually abandons the bid due to non-force majeure factors, the Employer has the right to reject the said bidder from all its future bidding for the construction projects.
Stage 2 – Conceptual Design Bidding
1. 投标人提交符合设计任务书本阶段要求的成果文件,由评标委员会通过记名投票法(逐轮淘汰)进行评审,选出无排序的前三名及有排序的第四、第五名(第四、五名将获得方案使用费),并对这前三名投标人的方案提出优化意见,前三名投标人进行方案优化(方案优化不计费用)后进行定标(招标人将视情况决定是否优化)
1. The bidder shall deliver submissions that meet the requirements of the Design Brief for Stage 2. The Bid Evaluation Panel will evaluate these submissions by open ballot (elimination by round), determine the top three places without ranking and the fourth and fifth places with ranking (bidders of the fourth and fifth places will each receive an honorarium), and give refinement comments on the proposals of the top three bidders. The top three bidders will refine their scheme (free of charge) for bid finalization (the Employer will decide whether to proceed with the refinement in view of actual circumstances).
2. 每家投标人只允许提交一份投标成果。

2. Each bidder is allowed to submit only one set of bid submissions.

招标控制价及方案使用费 / Bidding Control Price and Honorarium
1. Contract amount

The ceiling of the design fee for the project under the contract is RMB33 million.


3. 方案使用费及有关费用的支付
3. Payment of honorarium and related fees
The honorarium, which is tax inclusive, will be paid in RMB. The bidder who receives an honorarium shall provide payment request materials and sign an agreement for the Employer to effect the payment after the publicity of the bidding result (provided that no objection is raised during the publicity period).
4. 其他

4. Miscellaneous  

All expenses  (including travel and accommodation)  incurred by the bidder’s participation in shall be on the bidder’s account. If the Bid Evaluation Panel concludes that a bidder’s submissions fail to reach the required detailing level or meet the bidding requirements, no honorarium will be paid to said bidder.
招标日程 / Bidding Schedule

The above schedule is based on Beijing Time and subject to the Employer’s adjustment.

The Chinese interpretation of all clauses herein shall prevail and the right to construe them resides in the Employer.The project information released at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network shall prevail.

其他重要信息 / Important Information
1. 本项目投标申请人需要下载的所有相关文件须前往深圳建设工程交易服务网下载。
1. All application documents needed by the bidder are available at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.
2. 投标申请人质疑截止时间详见深圳建设工程交易服务网-招标公告。

2. The deadline for bidders’ questions will be announced at the Bidding Announcements column of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.


投标人对招标事宜的质疑以不署名的形式在“深圳市电子招投标交易平台/投标” (https://www.szjsjy.com.cn:8001/jy-toubiao/)提出。

Bidders may raise questions about the bidding anonymously via the Bid Submission column of Shenzhen Electronic Tendering Bidding Transaction Platform (https://www.szjsjy.com.cn:8001/jy-toubiao).

Access to Q&A documents and supplementary notices of the Bidding Documents: Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network (http://zjj.sz.gov.cn/jsjy/

3. 招标人澄清或修改、答疑截止时间详见深圳建设工程交易服务网-招标公告。

3. All clarifications or modifications made by the Employer and the deadline for questions will be provided at the Bidding Announcements column of Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.

4. 投标申请人自行在“深圳建设工程交易服务网”上获取答疑及招标文件补充通知。

4. Bidders should access the Q&A documents and supplementary notices of the Bidding Documents at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network.

5. 资格预审申请文件递交方式:现场提交(不接受以邮递方式递交的相关文件)

5. The Application Documents for Prequalification shall be delivered to the designated place (no mail delivery).

6. 关于疫情防控期间市交易中心现场递交文件需提前做好备案工作,具体相关事宜的通知详见:http://zjj.sz.gov.cn/jsjy/zxsz/tzgg/zytz/202003/t20200310_19047805.htm

6. Submissions delivered to the Trading Service Center during the COVID-19 control period shall be subject to prior filing procedures. For relevant notices, please refer to:



Reminder: The Application Documents for Prequalification must be delivered to the designated place by the given deadline. Late delivery will be rejected. The delivery person shall be a bid specialist registered at Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network and shall present his or her ID card when making the delivery. Documents delivered by persons other than the aforementioned shall not be accepted.

7. 方案评审会需明标述标,述标地址将由招标人另行通知。
7.The bid evaluation meeting will include a presentation session where bidders are allowed to identify their names. The place for bid presentation is subjectto separate notice.
Ms. Li:+86 136 3265 8134 (9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00, Monday to Friday, Beijing Time)

Ms. Zhang:+86 159 9477 5957 (9:00-12:00, 14:00-18:00, Monday to Friday, Beijing Time)

邮箱: qhgwsdy@163.com。

Email: qhgwsdy@163.com


For more information, please refer to Shenzhen Construction Engineering Trading Service Network and the official WeChat account of the Bidding Consultant and Agent RJRX.

Employer: Shenzhen Qianhai Development Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.
Bidding Consultant and Agent: RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen